“There Is No Perfect Candidate”

Conservative and evangelical leaders met in Texas over the weekend to discuss the Presidential election. CCV board member and former State Representative (OH-36th District), Seth Morgan, participated in this event. I encourage you to read his report below. –Phil Burress, Chairman,  CCV Action 

Dear Friends,

“There is no perfect candidate.”

Indeed, fallible mankind cannot produce the perfect candidate.  But this last weekend in Texas, conservative and evangelical leaders met to see if they could form a consensus around a “not perfect” candidate.

I was honored to have been invited to attend the meeting, present on the political situation in Ohio, and be a part of a discussion that, God willing, will help lead to the defeat of a presidency that has been an abject failure: a failure for America’s economy, a failure for America’s security, a failure for America’s liberty, and a failure for America’s families.

Much will be made and much already has been made of this meeting–what it was and what it wasn’t.  It was not a meeting designed to rule out certain candidates, specifically the perceived front runner of the Republican Party. 

The unquestioned, unanimous consensus formed was that a defeat of Barack Obama on November 6, 2012, is critical to our Nation’s future.  Regardless of our excitement regarding one candidate over another, we should all, out of concern for our futures and pure gratitude for the gift of liberty given us, be fully engaged in defeating Barack Obama.

That said, for too long leaders of the policies that reflect America’s greatest traditions of respect for life, liberty, and the institution of the family have remained on the sidelines, divided by personal loyalties.  This meeting was to discuss and form consensus on who could best, of the candidates, continue to lead in relation to those policies.

Some have said the consensus formed in Texas was too little too late–and perhaps it is.  Time will tell.

As for me, I was genuinely pleased that we could gather, largely putting aside our personal desires and, with passion but a spirit of meekness, come to a conclusion.

For various reasons Governor Rick Perry, Senator Rick Santorum and Speaker Newt Gingrich were all considered seriously. After much prayer and discussion, Senator Santorum earned a strong super majority vote of the participants.

Each of us has a serious responsibility to vote based on our convictions. If you are a Republican, this primary is no different.  However, where there is a multitude of counselors there is wisdom.  Wisdom is not splitting our collective votes among various candidates, and thus the purpose of our meeting in Texas was to attempt to consolidate the collective power of our voices.

Our time is short.  Our situation is severe. Never has a call to unity on this matter been more important.  Never, has so much in this Country been at risk.
May our hearts be stirred to a renewal of our principles, and may America hear from us this coming November.  With one voice let’s shout to the world that while we as a people may have flirted with committing ourselves to a government that provides for all, we have renounced it.  Let us say together that, even if our liberty is flawed with uncertainty, toil and labor, and the need for the regeneration of strong families and churches, we are poised and stand ready for that risk and task.


By God’s grace, may we send that message.

Loving Liberty,

Seth A. Morgan, CPA
CCV Board Member