Urgent Action Alert: Encourage Representatives to Stop Illegal Gambling

Citizens for Community Values Action is asking that you contact the Ohio Representatives listed below and ask them to support the passage of House Bill 7 (HB 7). HB 7 aims to stop the proliferation of illegal gambling establishments – more commonly referred to as internet cafes – that are popping up around the state. These internet cafes are not reputable establishments and are allegedly tied to money laundering, drug dealing and human trafficking.

Attorney General Mike DeWine has called them a “ticking time bomb waiting to go off.” They are bad news for our families, our communities, and our state. The passage of HB 7 would take steps to remove the destructive effects of gambling.

Please contact and urge the following state representatives to vote to pass House Bill 7 and stop illegal gambling!

  • State Representative John Becker (614) 466-8134
  • State Representative Ross McGregor (614) 466-2038
  • State Representative Wes Retherford (614) 644-6721
  • State Representative Cliff Rosenberger (614) 466-3506