CCV Action PAC Encouraged by Tuesday’s Primary Results

CCV Action PAC would like to congratulate all those who were victorious in Tuesday’s primary election. We would also like to thank all of those who ran, campaigned, or voted for engaging in our civic duty and blessing of self-governance and the electoral process. We thank God for the opportunity to engage in free elections, a privilege that many “gave the last true measure of devotion” to protect, to quote President Lincoln.

CCV Action PAC was particularly encouraged by the fact that, in addition to endorsed incumbents who won re-election nominations, seven CCV Action PAC-endorsed non-incumbents (running in open races or as challengers) won their contested primary nomination for State Representative! This is encouraging news for all Ohioans who hold conservative values and principles.

If you are a candidate or supporter, please remind all candidates for November’s general election to complete the CCV Action PAC Questionnaire on in order to be considered for endorsement. All candidates, even those previously endorsed in the primary, must fill out the general election questionnaire in order to be endorsed for the general election.

If you are interested in participating in the political system, or know someone who is considering a run, please contact us.  If you are Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, and Pro-Religious Freedom, we would love to help you prepare.  Whether that means weighing the odds, laying out a campaign strategy, or just dipping your toe in the water to better understand what it takes, please let us know.  Maybe you are being prepared “for such a time as this…”