A Great Gift for July 4th

We are excited to announce a new project that John Husted, Ohio’s Secretary of State, has completed that will help you learn more about Ohio’s history. Click here to check out this exciting new website. We hope you have a great July 4th holiday! 

Phil Burress

Dear Friends,
As we prepare to celebrate the 237th anniversary of Independence Day, we should do so while remembering the principles of freedom, personal responsibility and the rights of the governed on which our nation was founded. It is also important that we as Ohioans know about our great state’s history and founding principles.
Today, I am proud to announce the launch of a new civic engagement initiative for Ohioans to learn more about past leaders who shaped our nation and state – OhioFoundingFathers.com. The mission of OhioFoundingFathers.com is to make learning about Ohio’s history easier and also to assist you in becoming a more active participant in our democracy.

Our Founding Fathers


As Ohio’s Secretary of State, I want all Ohioans to be aware of the great leaders we’ve had, as well as the documents they crafted that have served as the framework for both our country and state. To that end, as part of OhioFoundingFathers.com, I am also launching OhioHistoricalDocs.com
as a place for all those interested to read and easily access historical documents such as Ohio’s Constitution, past and current laws of Ohio and many more helpful resources. By making these important documents easily accessible online, we will save resources and taxpayer dollars.
While at OhioFoundingFathers.com and OhioHistoricalDocs.com, I challenge you to test your knowledge of Ohio facts and history by taking the “Do You Know Ohio” quiz.
My hope is that you will learn from the lessons of our past and realize the importance of knowing our history for the future. I look forward to seeing how well you know Ohio and wish you and your family a happy Independence Day.
Paid for by Husted for Ohio