ACTION ALERT: Ohio Judge Enables Illegal Abortion Clinic to Stay Open


First, please read the press release below from Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati.

Then, please take the following Action Steps:

What You Can Do:

1.       Be informed: Know that Judge Metz is running for re-election this fall against Charles Miller.

2.       Be involved: Write to your local paper with your comments on this situation.

3.       Be intentional: Support the Innocent in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank You!

For your convenience in sending your letter to your local paper, CCV has compiled an extensive list of “Letter to the Editor” links and pages.

Cincinnati Right to Life article:

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Sharonville Abortion Facility to Remain Open

Judge Protects Abortion Provider

July 10, 2014 (Cincinnati, OH):  Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Jerry Metz has extended a stay of execution permitting late-term abortionist Martin Haskell’s Women’s Med Center (aka Lebanon Road Surgery Center) in Sharonville, Ohio to remain open.

The stay is extended while Judge Metz reviews a Magistrate’s decision upholding the Ohio Department of Health’s order to close for failing to meet lawful health and safety standards for patients.

After the ODH order in January, the Women’s Med Center remained open under a stay of execution granted by Judge Metz – the judge to whom the case was originally assigned. Now that Judge Metz has extended the stay, the Women’s Med Center still remains open to operate outside the law without meeting medical safety standards required of all ambulatory surgical facilities in the state.

June 30th, Magistrate Michael Bachman upheld the ODH’s order that Martin Haskell’s Women’s Med Center abortion business in Sharonville be denied a license and closed for operating outside the law.

Magistrate Bachman’s decision, formally docketed today, July 10, 2014, states: “The Stay granted in this matter granted on January 31, 2014 shall end at the close of business (4 p.m.) on the day this Magistrate’s Decision is docketed.”

Judge Metz is responsible for the final action to accept, deny, or modify the Magistrate’s decision.  Attorneys for the abortion business have 14 days to file objections to the Magistrate’s decision for Judge Metz to review.

The protection granted this abortion provider to keep operating outside the law at the risk of women’s health and safety is astounding,” said Paula Westwood, Executive Director, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati.

Must a patient tragedy occur before justice is upheld?

Contact: Paula Westwood, Executive Director, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, 513/728-7870; blog Created Order.