Call to Action: It’s Back

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You might remember the so-called Equal Housing and Employment Act (HB 176) from 2009, a special rights bill pushed by the homosexual activists and designed to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the Ohio civil rights law. The bill made it through the Ohio House in 2009 but thankfully never left the Senate Rules Committee.

The bill is back, introduced on September 27 as HB 335, and we’re hoping to stop it before it goes anywhere.

Our courts have consistently held that in order for classes of persons to qualify for protection under our civil rights law, such classes must meet the following criteria:

First, they must exhibit an immutable, non-behavior based characteristic, such as race, skin-color, ethnicity, national origin, or gender. (The proposed classes are behavior based.)

Secondly, the class, as a whole, must have experienced a history of discrimination resulting in class-wide economic deprivation. (Among those who are pushing this bill, there is not a history of discrimination that has resulted in widespread economic deprivation. In fact, data shows repeatedly that those in the homosexual lifestyle are more likely to enjoy a higher standard of living than the average citizen.)

And thirdly, such a class must be politically powerless. (Those in the homosexual lifestyle hold positions of elected offices, support candidates financially and have support from most every major news and media outlet.)

Read more about why “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”
do not belong in our civil rights ac

By creating new civil rights protections based on someone’s actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, or gender identity and expression, we are actually inhibiting business, and we are running counter to more than a half-century of civil rights laws, thereby inflicting gross inequality upon traditionally protected classes.

“Sexual orientation” and “gender identity” do not meet any of the above criteria, and their inclusion would undermine and trivialize Ohio civil rights law. Including “sexual orientation” will threaten our religious freedoms, parental rights, and business environment.

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