Call to Action: Move the Heartbeat Bill Forward

Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill deserves a vote!
The citizens want it, and the Senators are to represent the citizens! Many Ohio Senators say they will vote for the bill if it gets to the Senate floor–but the door must first be opened!

Why the delay?
All the bill’s tenets have been thoroughly vetted in the House; there is no need to repeat the same intense work.

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The Heartbeat Bill provides legal protection to every pre-born child in Ohio who has a detectable heartbeat. Representative Lynn Wachtmann summed up the bill by saying, “If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.”

Calls are needed immediately to Ohio Senate leaders President Tom Niehaus and Senator Keith Faber to move Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill (HB 125) to the next critical step.

Ask Senate President Niehaus to bring the bill to committee and then to the Senate floor for a vote.
Ask Senator Faber to “help us get the Heartbeat Bill moving in the Senate!”
Senator Tom Niehaus: (614) 466-8082
Senator Keith Faber: (614) 466-7584
Forward this to pro-life friends across Ohio and post on your Facebook status today.


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