Call to Action: Time Sensitive! Help the Heartbeat Bill Today

The Ohio senators will be back in their Columbus offices this week, even though they’re on summer recess.  We would like to take this opportunity to contact them and raise awareness of the Heartbeat Bill so that when the Health Committee moves it to the floor, they will be ready to vote, hopefully in the fall. As you may remember, the Bill passed in the House on June 28 and it now needs to pass in the Senate.

The Heartbeat Bill, if passed, would provide legal protection to every pre-born child in Ohio who has a detectable heartbeat.

Pro-Life friends, please call your state senator TODAY!  Leave your senator a brief message: “WHEN THE OPPORTUNITY ARISES, PLEASE PASS THE HEARTBEAT BILL.” This is time-sensitive! Make the call and get 5 pro-life friends to do the same. Use the link to repost this to your Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Click here to find your state senator by ZIP Code.