Caught Lying about Petitions – See Brief Video

A trustworthy source has notified us that there are individuals circulating petitions to legalize same-sex marriage in Ohio. We find this very interesting considering FreedomOhio, the organization spearheading the attempt to legalize same-sex marriage, have told the press they already have enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot.

To make matters worse, the circulators fail to mention that the petition is for same-sex marriage. Instead, they mislead by asking the person if they would like to sign a petition to bring more jobs into Ohio. This act is deceitful and illegal. Click here to view the video (If you have trouble viewing, you may need to download QuickTime Player by clicking here).

If you are approached with a petition, pull out your camera phone and record the interaction. Below is a real story about what recently occurred in Wilmington, Ohio. 

Phil Burress

A friend of CCV was filling his car up with gas at a UDF in Wilmington, OH. He was approached by a young lady who asked him to sign a petition to get more jobs in Ohio.

He replied, “No, thanks.”

She turned around and began asking other customers at the gas station. A few minutes later, he went into UDF to pay for his gas. As he approached, he saw what seemed to be a manager of the store asking the ladies with the petition to leave the premises. They drove across the street in a car with Kentucky license plates.

After watching this episode, another customer in line turned to our friend and said, “Do you know what that petition was about? It was trying to get gay marriage on the ballot.”

Our friend finished paying and as he was pulling out, he noticed the two girls with petitions join two guys with petitions across the street at Speedway. Our friend approached them, with his iphone filming, and asked if he could see the petition.

He asked, “Out of curiosity, what is this petition that you guys have anyway?”

The petitioners immediately turned around and walked away and gave him a hand signal to go away.