CCVA PAC endorses Paul Isaacs – rates Peggy Lehner as UNACCEPTABLE

CCV Action PAC has endorsed pro-life, pro-family conservative Paul Isaacs for State Senate in Montgomery County’s District 6. This district includes most of Montgomery Co. but does not include voters inside the city limits of Dayton.

Active in Christian ministry and a former pastor, Paul Isaacs is a solid conservative on both social and fiscal issues. He is strongly pro-life and will fight to protect traditional marriage.

Paul’s opponent, incumbent Peggy Lehner, has an UNACCEPTABLE rating from CCV Action PAC. CCV Action PAC’s endorsements can be found at Peggy Lehner has voted anti-family and is a moderate who also voted for the homosexual special rights bill, H.B.176 (see articles below). Peggy Lehner has been anything but helpful on the Heartbeat Bill (H.B.125). Paul Isaacs is in full support of the Heartbeat Bill.

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Paul deserves our support!

More about Paul Isaacs’ moderate/liberal opponent:

“Peggy Lehner had the audacity to actively oppose the Heartbeat Bill at the Statehouse Rally on September 20, 2011 where I spoke. It’s time to replace her with someone who will work to pass the Heartbeat Bill until it’s signed into the most protective pro-life legislation in the nation: Paul Isaacs is that man.” –Troy Newman, National Pro-Life Leader