Good news & bad news on the Heartbeat Bill. Don’t let them “gut” the bill.

Ohio’s pro-life Heartbeat Bill (H.B.125) passed the Ohio House in June 2011.  It is now in the Ohio Senate with the second hearing scheduled for Tuesday.  Urge the Ohio Senate to pass the Heartbeat Bill by Christmas—but tell them not to “gut” the bill before the floor vote.

There is an effort brewing to GUT the bill by removing the part that legally would protect babies with detectable heartbeats! Some Senators want to cut the heart out of the Heartbeat Bill–and make it an “informed consent” bill only–without any legal protection for the baby!  Ohio is just a “heartbeat” away from saving 90% – 95% of babies from abortion, but THE NEXT TWO WEEKS ARE THE MOST CRITICAL

Action: Please call these Ohio senators.
Message: “Please do not ‘gut’ the Heartbeat Bill/Do not cut the heart out of the Heartbeat Bill.  It must LEGALLY PROTECT babies with beating hearts!”

Senate President Tom Niehaus (614) 466-8082
Senator Scott Oelslager (614) 466-0626
Senator Shannon Jones (614) 466-9737
Senator Keith Faber (614) 466-7584
Senator Peggy Lehner (614) 466-4538
Senator Troy Balderson  (614) 466-8076
Senator Dave Burke (614) 466-8049
Senator Tom Patton (614) 466-8056
Senator Kris Jordan (614) 466-8086

Call day or night (leave message with your name and city).

Please forward & post on Facebook to get more calls than they’ve ever seen!
Please put it on the top of your “to do list,” and continue to pray for a PROTECTIVE Heartbeat LAW by Christmas!

God bless you & thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

The Heartbeat Bill Team