Heartbeat Bill Passes House

The Heartbeat Bill (HB 125), sponsored by Rep. Lynn Wachtmann and written to provide legal protection to every pre-born child in Ohio who has a detectable heartbeat, was approved by the Ohio House on Tuesday, June 28. The legislation will now move to the Senate.

Thank you to each of you in Ohio who took the time to contact your representatives! If your representative voted for the bill, we encourage you to make an additional phone call or send another e-mail expressing your gratitude for their stand for life. Click here to find their contact information.

The 54 who voted in the affirmative were:

Adams J. (R), Adams R. (R), Amstutz (R), Baker (R), Balderson (R), Batchelder (R), Beck (R), Blair (R), Blessing (R), Boose (R), Brenner (R), Bubp (R), Buchy (R), Burke (R), Butler (R), Carey (R), Combs (R), Conditt (R), Damschroder (R), Derickson (R), Dovilla (R), Gardner (R), Gonzales (R), Goodwin (R), Grossman (R), Hackett (R), Hagan C. (R), Hall (R), Hayes (R), Henne (R), Hottinger (R), Huffman (R), Johnson (R), Kozlowski (R), Landis (R), Maag (R), Martin (R), McClain (R), McKenney (R), Mecklenborg (R), Newbold (R), Peterson (R), Roegner (R), Rosenberger (R), Ruhl (R), Schuring (R), Sears (R), Slaby (R), Sprague (R), Stautberg (R), Thompson (R), Uecker (R), Wachtmann (R), Young (R).

The 44 who voted in the negative were:

Anielski (R), Antonio (D), Ashford (D), Barnes (D), Budish (D), Carney (D), Celeste (D), Clyde (D), DeGeeter (D), Driehaus (D), Duffey (R), Fedor (D), Fende (D), Foley (D), Garland (D), Gentile (D), Gerberry (D), Goyal (D), Hagan R. (D), Heard (D), Hollington (R), Letson (D), Luckie (D), Lundy (D), Mallory (D), McGregor (R), Milkovich (D), Murray (D), O’Brien (D), Okey (D), Patmon (D), Phillips (D), Pillich (D), Ramos (D), Reece (D), Slesnick (D), Stebelton (R), Stinziano (D), Sykes (D), Szollosi (D), Weddington (D), Williams (D), Winburn (D), Yuko (D).