House Bill 316-Act For Our Childrens Future

Sponsor: Representative Slesnick

Committee: Education

Projection: BAD

Synopsis: This bill, introduced on October 16 with 13 cosponsors (all Democrats), would repeal the Ohio Abstinence Education law (ORC 3313.6011) and mandate comprehensive sexual education be taught.  New language in the bill states “Therefore, abstinence shall not be taught to the exclusion of other instruction and materials on contraceptive and disease reduction measures” (new section 3313.60(A)(5)(c)).  All instruction is keyed to “age appropriateness”, defined as teaching based on the “social, cognitive, emotional and experience level of pupils” (new section 3313.6011(A)(1)).    Particular points of the proposed 3313.6011 include teaching that abstinence is the only “certain way” to avoid pregnancy, STD’s and other associate health problems, thus removing the idea that abstinence is the only 100% effective means of protection (subsection (B)(5)(a)).  Instead of instruction about bearing children “out of wedlock”, the new bill instead makes it bearing children “outside of a committed relationship” (subsection (B)(5)(b)).  The legislation would mandate that “if age appropriate, instruction and materials shall provide pupils with skills for negotiating intimate relationships and making and implementing responsible decisions about sexuality” (new section 3313.6011(B)(9)).  Gone is the idea of negotiating refusal skills, the goal with this legislation is to negotiate to a mutually acceptable level of sexual activity among children.  Opponent testimony on this bill has yet to be scheduled.

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