Ohio Human Heartbeat Protection Act

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Looking for other Ohioans who HAVE A HEART for the unborn!  Sign the petition to help pass the “Ohio Human Heartbeat Protection Act” (aka “the Heartbeat Bill”) which will protect all unborn babies with a beating heart.

House Health Committee Chair Lynn Wachtmann introduced HB 125.  The bill currently has 50 co-sponsors.  Please sign the petition to send a loud message to the rest of our Ohio legislators  – then encourage others to do the same.

House Bill 125

In part, the bill would state that the Ohio General Assembly finds that according to contemporary medical research:

  • A fetal heartbeat is the best predictor of an unborn human individual reaching viability and live birth.
  • Cardiac activity begins at a relatively precise moment in time, normally when the fetal heart is formed in the gestational sac.
  • A fetal heartbeat normally is readily detected with modern medical equipment of modest cost.

It defines a number of terms, including “heartbeat,” meaning cardiac activity, which is the steady and repetitive rhythmic contraction of the fetal heart within the gestational sac.

It makes a set of prohibitions including one that no person may knowingly administer to, prescribe for, procure for, or sell to any pregnant woman any medicine, drug, or other substance with the specific intent of causing or abetting the termination of the life of an unborn human individual who has a detectable heartbeat.

Finally, it grants a series of exemptions, including some relating to both the physician and the pregnant mother. Nothing in this Act may be construed to subject the pregnant mother upon whom any abortion is performed or attempted to any criminal conviction and penalty. Nothing in this Act may be construed to prohibit the sale, use, prescription, or administration of a measure, drug or chemical designed for contraceptive purposes.

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“Science has already given us a yardstick to determine if someone is alive–a beating heart. We just want to see that measurement applied evenly. This bill calls for an end to discrimination and the protection of every human bemg with a beating heart–no matter their age!”
- Lynn Wachtmann,  Ohio State Representative and New Chair of the House Health Committee

“After nearly four decades of taking baby steps to protect life, there is finally a bill every pro-lifer can get behind that takes a giant step toward protecting children in our state! Being a voice for life has never been more important.”
- Linda Theis, Past President of Ohio Right to Life

“This bill would protect children from the time their hearts begin to beat. Cardiac activity shows that an unborn baby is alive. Compassion and justice require that we protect that life.”‘
- Lori Viars, Vice President of Warren County Right to Life. and Director of Family First

“Ohio has the opportunity to make history again; when the Heartbeat Bill passes, our children’s beating hearts will no longer be forcefully and brutally broken.”
- Janet (Folger) Porter, President of Faith2Action and Former Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life

“We have all seen it – picture a heartbeat monitor at a hospital. A flat line means there is no life. When the heartbeat shows on the monitor that means LIFE. It’s not 1973 anymore when our opponents said it was a blob of tissue. Science is on our side – if a heartbeat is present it’s time to protect that LIFE.
- Phil Burress, President, Citizens for Community Values Action.

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