Life must be the overriding factor

Life must be the overriding factor!

In every race; for all Americans.

There are many important issues facing our nation today. As we approach the polls next Tuesday, we need to research where the candidates on our ballots stand on all those issues. For all Americans, however, where a candidate stands on the one issue of life versus abortion on demand should be the overarching issue, the deciding factor, in every race.

Our nation’s one most fundamental tenet, supported by one now undeniable medical truth, demands that it be so.

That fundamental tenet needs no justification: Human beings have intrinsic moral value. In the words of our founders, that is a “self-evident” truth.

Human life is a gift from our Creator. Our most foundational document, the Declaration of Independence, states that “all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,” and the first of those rights is life.

The corresponding, undeniable medical and scientific truth that must drive this issue to the forefront of our thinking is that the human fetus, at every stage of development, is a complete human being and thus has intrinsic moral value. From the moment of conception on, there exists a living organism, which is a genetically complete human being and which will grow into an adult human being if allowed to develop.

From the moment of conception on, the embryo that results from the union of a human sperm and an unfertilized human egg has all the unique characteristics that will define its life. At the embryo stage, that human being’s sex, body type, eye and hair color, facial characters, and so forth, all have been set.

Regardless of where a human being is in the process of growth and development – adult, adolescent, newborn, fetus, embryo – he is at every point a human being with intrinsic moral value and an unalienable right to life.

Some abortion rights advocates would argue that because an embryo is not an infant, it is not a human being and thus lacks intrinsic value and rights. It would be just as logical to say that because an infant is not a child, he is not a human. Or because a child is not an adult, he is not a human. In all stages of development there is a complete human being, with intrinsic value and a God-given right to life.

In examining candidates’ positions on this most important of issues, we must be wary of language. Some candidates want to be on record as desiring to eliminate the reasons for abortions. They are, they would maintain, “anti-abortion.” However, when a woman finds herself in an unwanted pregnancy that would create significant inconveniences, they argue that the woman should have the choice to terminate that human being’s life, whether or not medically necessary. They even favor taxpayer funding of such terminations. Thus, they identify as “anti-abortion, but pro-choice.”

To grasp the fallacy of this reasoning, transfer the argument into the battle that was raging in our country during the mid-1800’s. Then the question was protection of the second of those unalienable rights, liberty. There were many in our nation at that time that claimed to be against slavery in principle. They would not, themselves, own a slave. But they understood the economic inconvenience that abolition of slavery for the nation would bring to business owners in certain parts of the country and thus felt that slavery should be a constitutionally protected option. Should we have considered “anti-slavery, but pro-choice” a justifiable position? No.

We cannot allow ourselves to be so selfish, fearful or callous that we would put economic or security issues above this most fundamental tenet. Every human being, from conception, has intrinsic moral value and no one, including the mother within whom a human being is developing, has a right to terminate that life.

Life versus abortion on demand is the transcendent issue of our day. Since the legalization of abortion on demand triggered by Roe v. Wade we have allowed over 40 million human beings – unique, precious lives – to be destroyed for the convenience of other human beings. This holocaust must cease. In our choice of candidates – in every race – where a candidate stands on life and championing the reversal of Roe v. Wade must be our first and overarching consideration.

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