MEDIA WARNING About Same-Sex Marriage

Don’t Forget:

In 2004, eleven states had marriage amendments on the ballot. Every one of those states, including Ohio, passed their constitutional amendment that defined marriage as one man and one woman. There were 68 newspapers in those eleven states. All papers, except for two in Utah, opposed the marriage amendments. All newspapers in Ohio opposed the 2004 marriage amendment that won at the ballot box by a 62%-38% majority. The reason we need to remember this is that every major newspaper in Ohio supports same-sex marriage. Those who opposed us in 2004 included both U.S. Senators, Governor Taft, Attorney General Petro, AARP, AFL-CIO and more. Yet, the people are on our side. A poll we just conducted determined 52% of Ohio voters said they were CERTAIN they would support one man one woman marriage. Only 33% said they were CERTAIN they would support same-sex marriage. Public support is on our side. Moreover, Truth is on our side. Getting our message out will be difficult because of the media blackout. Grassroots! Grassroots! Grassroots! is how we will win.

Phil Burress