Meeting with Mr. Trump

On June 21, 2016, CCV President Phil Burress will be in a meeting with Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Serving on the Steering Committee with Burress are Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Tim Wildmon, Gary Bauer, George Barna, Pastor Ronnie Floyd and 31 others. The meeting is titled “A Conversation about America’s Future”.

The intent is that this will be a conversation that is interactive and meaningful. Our goal is that coming out of this “conversation” we and Mr. Trump will know one another better, and we will have demonstrated that we are all seeking God’s direction for the future of America.

What do we think conservative Christian leaders would be hoping to gain in this meeting?

  • What kind of judge should be appointed to fill court vacancies?
  • What types of people should America’s leaders surround themselves with and look to for advice?
  • What positions does Donald Trump take with regard to existing government policies that are truly contrary to a biblical worldview?
  • What is the best way to rebuild our nation’s weak military and improve and rebuild America’s standing in the world community?

To answer so other questions:

  • We do not have a list of those attending, but the number is now at 900.
  • Yes, the event is being bathed in prayer. Franklin Graham will open the meeting in prayer.
  • Yes, we have asked Mrs. Clinton for a meeting as well.
  • This is NOT an endorsement of Mr. Trump.
  • It is a discussion about the issues we care about.
  • It is NOT a political event or rally.
  • CCV nor CCV Action has endorsed Donald Trump or anyone else running for President.

Those from Ohio representing the pro-life, pro-family community that Phil has invited are:

Paula Westwood, Cincinnati Right to Life; Molly Smith, Cleveland Right to Life; Jeffery Barefoot, Greater Toledo Right to Life; Pastor J.C. Church, Victory in Truth Church & CCV Board Member; Pastor Tim Throckmorton, Crossroads Church & CCV Board Member; Pastor Barry Clardy, Princeton Pike Church of God;  Vickie Burress, CCVA; Pastor Tim Oldfield, The Potter’s House Church (Columbus); Pastor David Oldfield, The Potter’s House Church (Reynoldsburg); Diane Stover, Northeast  Ohio Values Voters and Attorney Stephanie McCloud.  Along with the hundreds of other pro-life, pro-family leaders from across America who fight to protect the unborn.

These are trying times for America. Please pray that this event will be used by God to fulfill His desires for His people and America.

Click here for a prayer guide.