New Politico Poll Shows National Support for Same-Sex Marriage Continues to Decline

This week, the popular political news website released the results of their recent national poll.

Encouraging, Telling Results:

Fully 70% of Americans say the issue of abortion is important in their voting decisions, and nearly 80% favor at least some restrictions on abortion.

Additionally, a majority of Americans (52%) oppose redefining marriage, and nearly 2/3 of voters polled say where a candidate stands on marriage is important in selecting their candidates.

As we have seen in Ohio, with the polling figures over the last month, support for same-sex marriage is declining as citizens become increasingly alarmed and disturbed by the bullying tactics carried out by many in the same-sex marriage movement.

As national pundits from both sides of the political aisle, Kirsten Powers and Charles Krauthammer, have articulated (click on their name to read their respective article), many same-sex marriage activists appear much less focused on explaining why society should redefine its most foundational, primary social institution and much more intensely focused on silencing dissent of anyone, public figure (Brendan Eich of Mozilla Firefox, Benham Brothers of HGTV) or private citizen (florist in Washington state, photographer in New Mexico, etc) who dares to disagree with their position. This is the opposite of a diverse, pluralistic American society that encourages free speech, freedom of religion, and the freedom to civilly and graciously disagree with each other. As more and more Ohioans and Americans are realizing the full consequences of same-sex marriage and the hypocrisy of those who identify themselves as “Tolerant,” they are realizing that supporting the redefinition of marriage is not a good idea.

[CCV IN THE NEWS: CCV Action Chairman Phil Burress makes similar point in TV interview with WLWT's Curtis Fuller]

Please continue to spread the news to your friends,  families, and networks. Truth, conveyed in love and grace, will win out. As Keynote Speaker Joseph Backholm declared at the CCV Banquet, “Fear does not conquer fear, but perfect love casts out fear.”