Ohio is on the brink of ending abortion!

After 39 years of marching, did you know there is a place in America on the brink of ending abortion?  That place is Ohio.    
Ohio is now inches away from ending nearly every abortion in our state through a bill called the Heartbeat Bill which will protect every unborn baby whose heartbeat a doctor can detect. It has already passed the Ohio House and has already been heard in the Ohio Senate.

All we need now is for the Senate President to call for a vote and it heads to Governor John Kasich’s desk to be signed into the most protective pro-life law in the nation!  A dozen states have announced they are watching Ohio–ready to follow with Heartbeat Bills of their own. What happens here will affect the nation! 
We will be calling for the Senate to vote on the Heartbeat Bill by sending them bouquets of THREE RED ROSES–because the Heartbeat Bill will save three babies from abortion every single hour! 
Here is the personalized message that will be attached to each bouquet:

Dear Senator __________________, 

The Heartbeat Bill will save three Ohio babies with beating hearts every single hour. PLEASE don’t wait any longer to pass H.B. 125 to PROTECT them!

                                                                    With Heartfelt thanks,
                                                                  –Your Name, Your City

Click here to send your roses today! 
You can choose from three options to send roses to the Senators:

• Three roses with your personalized message to each of the four members of the  SENATE LEADERSHIP,
• Three roses with your message for each of the nine Senators who serve on the SENATE HEALTH COMMITTEE,  or
• Three roses with your message for each of the 33 SENATORS.
There’s one more thing–this bill is crafted to be the arrow in the heart of Roe v. Wade. After 39 years of marching, we are now only inches away the finish line. You can help us cross it when you CLICK HERE NOW AND SEND A MESSAGE THE SENATE CAN’T IGNORE!