Ohio Republican Party Hires Homosexual Activist as Executive Director

In 2004, the Republican Party leadership opposed the marriage amendment—an amendment we helped get on the ballot, and one that many attribute to the re-election of George W. Bush.

From 2011 to 2012, we’ve watched the Republicans let the Heartbeat Bill sit in the Senate —a bill that would protect pre-born babies who have a beating heart.

And now, the Ohio Republican Party has chosen Matt Borges as their executive director. Mr. Borges’ past experience includes lobbying for homosexual activists and for the passage of H.B. 335. (Click here to read about H.B. 335, which attacks religious freedom and indoctrinates young school children.)

Mr. Bennett, head of the Ohio Republican Party who appointed Matt Borges, has refused to respond to my communication and has ignored my request to replace Mr. Borges with a “real” pro-life, pro-family Republican.

The Republicans can’t win in Ohio without social conservatives! If we want to win Ohio in November, everyone needs to be on board with the Republican Party platform issues.

This problem lies squarely at the feet of Governor Kasich. He fought long and hard to have Mr. Kevin DeWine removed as the head of the Ohio Republican Party, only to have him replaced with Mr. Bennett–who chose Mr. Borges. Please click here to e-mail Governor Kasich and ask him to make sure Mr. Borges is replaced with a real pro-life, pro-family Republican. Respectfully tell him that we can’t trust someone with a history of homosexual activism.