Press Release: CCVA supports the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act

December 4, 2013

CONTACT: Charles Tassell, Assistant to the President (513) 652-5035

Citizens for Community Values Action supports
the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act

First, we would like to thank Representative Bill Patmon and Representative Tim Derickson for their bipartisan leadership on the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Their leadership on this, through the Religious Freedom Coalition, is noteworthy and laudable, and we expect to see more well-thought-out and balanced efforts like this coming forward. Their bipartisanship is a reminder that religious freedom is a uniquely American freedom, one on which our country was founded.

As we were reminded with Thanksgiving this last week; people, beginning with the Pilgrims, have come to America under very difficult circumstances simply for the right to live out the expression of their faith. Whether your personal faith is part of a major denomination or a minority sect, the freedom to express your beliefs is truly American.

Just as a bipartisan House and Senate passed the 1993 federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was signed by President Clinton, we encourage all Representatives and Senators to support this basic human right – to live as we believe.

By Charles Tassell, Assistant to the President.


CCV Action

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