CCVA PAC PRESS RELEASE: Ohio Republican Party Misleads with Attack on Pro-Life Candidate

May 4, 2014
Contact: Richard Youngblood
Phone: 330.697.5170

Citizens for Community Values Action PAC
Press Statement on Senate Dist. 27

Ohio Republican Party Misleads with Attack on Pro-Life Candidate

The recent Ohio Republican Party attack piece on Caleb Davenport, a staunch pro-life candidate and military veteran running for Ohio State Senate, is reprehensible.  Misleading the public by fraudulently claiming that a candidate is not pro-life when he is, in actuality, endorsed by a broad group of Pro-life organizations, is beyond the pale.  It highlights how off track the Ohio Republican Party has gotten.  In fact, the really despicable point is that the Ohio Republican Party cares more about winning then they do about honestly representing unborn children.

Citizens for Community Values Action PAC calls for the staff involved to be fired; at the very least, the Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party should apologize immediately for this gross mis-characterization.

In addition to failing to adopt the pro-life, pro-marriage National Republican Platform, the Ohio Republican Party now goes a step further by smearing real conservatives.

“It seems that the Ohio Republican Party must be supportive of the recent US Supreme Court decision to allow known lies to be stated about candidates, because that is what they have done to this candidate, Caleb Davenport,” stated Citizens for Community Values Action PAC President Phil Burress.

Caleb Davenport was endorsed as a Pro-life and Pro-Marriage candidate by Citizens for Community Values Action PAC, and remains endorsed.  This stands in stark contrast to his opponent, Frank LaRose, whose record has earned him a decidedly “Unacceptable” rating, a designation more typical of a liberal Democrat.

See for Endorsed and Unacceptable candidates.



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