PRESS RELEASE: Will Senator Portman Lose His Seat?


September 8, 2014

Contact: Charles Tassell

Vice Chairman of Government and Public Policy

Citizens for Community Values Action (CCVA)

(513) 652-5035




CCVA just completed a statewide telephone survey of 457 random registered Republican Values Voters with a high likelihood to vote. We asked this question:

“In March 2013, Senator Portman announced his support of same-sex marriage. Do you support his move?”

15% of these Republican voters responded that they support his decision, 72% responded that they do not support his decision, and 13% were unsure.

“Senator Portman has alienated conservatives and is very likely to lose in 2016 because the conservative base will not vote for him. Senator Portman should step down before the 2016 election so that conservatives can support a pro-life / pro-natural marriage candidate,” said CCVA Chairman Phil Burress. “In short, Portman is placing a Senate seat at risk to lose to a potential liberal Democrat.”

Four facts predict a Portman defeat in the 2016 general election:

  1. The pro-life / pro-family base that a Republican candidate must secure to win an election will not campaign for or vote for anyone who supports same-sex marriage.

  2. In November 2012, 144,100 Ohio voters went to the polls and did not vote for either presidential candidate.

  3. In 2006, then-Senator Mike DeWine lost re-election after opposing the 2004 Ohio Marriage Amendment. Later Mr. DeWine reversed his position, and, as Ohio’s Attorney General, is now defending the Marriage Amendment in federal court.

  4. Senator Portman will not receive the endorsement of many pro-life groups including Cleveland Right to Life and Ohio Pro Life Action. These organizations require a candidate to support Natural Marriage in order to earn their endorsement.

On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Enquirer published an Op-Ed letter written by pro-life / pro-family activist Lori Viars. Click here to read Ms. Viars’ article. She clearly articulates the concerns, reasoning, and expectations of Values Voters.

CCV Action is a 501(c)(4), non-profit education and lobbying organization based in Cincinnati, OH and is dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena. CCVA has three non-negotiable issues: Life, Marriage, and Religious Freedom/ Conscience Rights. Any candidate that is wrong on any of these three issues will be listed as “Unacceptable for Public Office” on the CCVA webpage at

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