Urgent Call to Action

Call Until The Heartbeat Bill Passes!

We’re happy to report that the Health, Human Services & Aging Committee of the Ohio Senate is scheduled to hold its first hearing on the Heartbeat Bill TODAY at 1:00 P.M.

Every day that the Heartbeat Bill doesn’t pass, 70 Ohio babies’ beating hearts are brutally stopped by abortion. That’s more than a school bus full of children every day.

The Heartbeat Bill protects every unborn baby with a detectable heartbeat.

Please take a few minutes and call the members of the Health Committee, listed below. The message: “Please vote the Heartbeat Bill out of committee to protect babies with beating hearts.”Health Committee:

Chairman Scott Oelslager, 614-466-0626
Sen. Peggy Lehner, 614-466-4538
Sen. Troy Balderson, 614-466-8076
Sen. Dave Burke, 614-466-8049
Sen. Shannon Jones, 614-466-9737
Sen. Kris Jordan, 614-466-8086
Sen. Edna Brown, 614-466-5204
Sen. Shirley Smith, 614-466-4857
Sen. Charleta Tavares, 614-466-5131

Please remember to pray for the Heartbeat Bill until it passes.