Victory for the Pro-Life Movement Today

Today, State Senator Shannon Jones led a charge in getting a pro-life amendment added to the proposed budget, which the Senate voted on today. The amendment deals with transfer agreements between local hospitals and ambulatory surgical facilities (ASF), which perform or induce abortions.

Currently, ASF’s are required by law to have a transfer agreement with a local hospital. Hospitals have the right to deny transfer agreements, but this amendment takes it one step further and prohibits public hospitals from making transfer agreements with ASF’s, thereby prohibiting ASF abortion services. ASF’s could still attempt to reach a transfer agreement with private hospitals, but those institutions still retain the right to deny them.

The amendment should limit abuses of these agreements, such as the one by the Center for Choice in Toledo. It was discovered the Center was operating with an expired transfer agreement, and now it must appeal its case in a hearing before the Ohio Department of Health.